What you should know before going to Norway 🇳🇴

Many people hesitate a long time before leaving for Norway. Mainly because of its high standard of living compared to France. But, the reality is that we can get by even with a tight budget if we control a few basic rules.

Plane tickets :

In a trip, it is certainly one of the elements that can slow us down or encourage us to leave if prices rise or fall sharply. That’s why you really need to be attentive to this step. Here are some tips that can help you:

  1. Compare ticket prices on several booking sites (skyscanner, opodo, liligo etc);
  2. Do your research several times a week, especially on Tuesdays and Wednesdays;
  3. Be flexible on travel dates;
  4. Go light, avoid checked baggage and options that airlines can offer;
  5. Do not hesitate to take your flight from airports that are not necessarily next to your place of residence;

In recent times  Norwegian Airlines and  Scandinavian airlines have started offering very attractive prices for flights to Norway. (For my part, I came across a ticket to 46 euros from Paris to Oslo !!!).


Like everything in Norway, living a few times during these holidays can be expensive. The good news is that there is always a way out without breaking the bank. Here are some tips that can help:

  1. Find out if you can be accommodated by the locals (play your network of friends);
  2. Youth hostels can be a very good choice if you do not mind being with many people in the same room;
  3. Airbnb, certainly more expensive, but it can be a good choice if you are looking for more tranquility;
  4. For hotels, look for deals (travelspirates, hotels, booking etc) sometimes we can come across deals very interesting so why not.


To move in Norway many options of offer to you:

  1. Move on foot: For me this is the way I prefer the most. We must not forget that it is a small country and the cities are not very very big so we can not why not;
  2. Public transport: To go to a place of hiking a little far from the city for example. It may be the best choice that exists. It’s a bit expensive compared to France, but it’s worth it!
  3. Rent a car: Yes if you are several (carpool). Buying several train tickets will be much more expensive. But you do not have to go anywhere! After my experience, the best deal would be the car rental sites between individuals. (www.nabobil.no for example, where we rented a brand new 308 for 35 € / day !!!).


Eating out can be quite expensive in Norway. That’s why the best solution is to shop and prepare your own meals at home.

The Kiwi and Rema 1000 supermarkets offer quite affordable prices. Just do not forget a little peculiarity in Norway. If you want to buy alcohol you have to think before 20 hours on weekdays and 18 hours on Saturdays (beers, cider etc). Otherwise for all that is strong alcohol must go to “Vinmonopolet” which are state shops where all is well taxed and like it closes at 17 hours (Monday to Wednesday), at 18 hours (Thursday and Friday), to 15 hours on Saturdays and it’s closed on Sundays😉

The good thing about France is that supermarkets stay open until 11pm!

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