Summer holidays 2017 – Part 1 (Norway) 🇳🇴

Who has never wanted to visit one of the Scandinavian countries? Who has not dreamt of seeing (in real life) those absolutely sublime landscapes of Norwegian fjords? No one?😀

For a little while now, the idea of ​​going to one of the Nordic countries has captured my full attention. Despite the fact that the cold is not my favourite thing in life 😀 I could not resist going to discover what these beautiful countries hide. Especially when I came across a cheap air ticket so, Let’s GO !!!!!

Wednesday 28 June 2017 – 20:30: Departure to Oslo from Paris for a two-hour flight. After getting to the airport and taking the train, I walked to the youth hostel where I was going to stay. My watch said midnight but…euh… I could still see the sun– what?… Oh of course, it’s Norway 😀

At the edge of the plane – Paris

Thursday, June 29, 2017 – 10:00: Waking up after a good night (or day Idk) sleep, I then got a little  Norwegian breakfast at the Backstube , and then I went to discover the city. On the menu for the day: exploring the city center and some museums.

Then I discovered  a nice spot by chance (Check it here) with a beautiful view of the port of Oslo.

Grand Hotel – Oslo

Friday 30 June 2017 – 09:00: Woke up, then had breakfast at United Bakeries  and then went exploring the Royal Palace and the Vigeland Sculpture Park.

Royal Palace – Oslo

Saturday, July 1, 2017: I met a part of the family that lives in Oslo, then went to visit the Botanical Garden of the University of Oslo, and then the Viking Ship Museum of Oslo.

Botanical Garden of the University – Oslo

Sunday 2 July 2017: On this day I woke up really early to catch a flight to Ålesund to meet a childhood friend and discover what Norway has to offer far from the capital. My first shock on arrival was the temperature !! I have to confess I was warned, but experiencing 10 degrees in the middle of July is not common (at least to me :D). The good thing is that I brought what it takes to survive this!!! I wore warmer clothes and I was ready again to carry on the adventure!!

I got to my friend’s flat, but with the nice weather it was impossible to stay in. It was 10 degrees outside with a continuous rain and a little wind just to make things perfect. So, since my friend and I are crazy, we went for a tour of the city. ^^

Aksla – Ålesund

Monday, July 3, 2017: We woke up early and left for the first hike of my trip. We started with a short bus ride, then we arrived in Godøy (Alnes) and we started hiking. Although the weather was not great, we had a lot of fun taking photos of nice landscapes in the aera. After, we ended up visiting the lighthouse of Alnes and had a little picnic. After, we went back to the apartment to rest for another adventure the next day.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017: On this day, we chose to hike in Sula, a small island less than an hour from Ålesund. It was very pretty and the hike was a bit longer than the day before with very beautiful and pleasant landscapes.

Sula – Norway

Wednesday, July 5, 2017: After an early wake up, we decided to go further and take a hike to Runde, a small island 2 hours (by car) from Ålesund  including a Ferry ridee. That day, we were lucky to have much better weather than the days before, with sunshine all day long.

Runde – Norway

Thursday, July 5, 2017: Since we still had the rental car, we decided to go to the famous Geiranger Fjord! And yes finally! Barely a 2 and a half hours drive. We arrived, and it was better than I thought! The landscapes were more beautiful than all the photos I’ve seen. Only thing I regret is not having stayed longer. 

Geirangerfjord – Norway

Getting back to Ålesund, we had a little barbecue by a lake and then we went home.

Friday, July 6, 2017: Two days before getting back to Strasbourg, we decieded to go to Sukkertoppen (Hessa) for the last hike of my trip. A nice little hike, not too difficult, and not far from the city, which offered a nice view of Ålesund and the neighboring islands.

Sukkertoppen – Hessa

Saturday, July 7, 2017: Visit of the city center and Aksla viewpoint offering a beautiful panoramic view of the city. After, we visited the open air museum in Sunnmøre and we finished the day with a nice little barbecue ( GPS coordinates )😉

Sunday, July 8, 2017: And as all good things come to an end, my little trip to explore Norway ended here.

To see more photos, feel free to check my flickr account  :

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See you next time for a new adventure 😉

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