U.S.A. Roadtrip!!! Old dream finally made reality 🇺🇸 (Part 1)

U.S.Aaaaaayy!!! Sorry, I’ve dreamt about visiting the U.S. for a long time. But, we all might did or still dream to go ? Right? 😀

Alright, let’s make a plan… Mmm wait I hate plans… I mean not all kind of plans but I hate being focused so much on doing every step of a plan and not fully live the adventure. Also, I hate losing that flexibility of deciding sometimes going for an adventure on the last minute.

So there I decided to just draw the main itinerary and then just go with flow. My “plan” was basically starting my trip from north east of the US, go south until Florida, then go west to visit New Orleans, Houston then California (maybe visit some of national parks) after go north until Seattle (the order can dramatically change).

Ok now I have to buy plane tickets… wait where should I land first ? I had the choice between New York and Boston both tickets where pretty cheap but wanting to visit a maximum of cities in the US, I just went for Boston and decided to go South from there.

Boston, Massachusetts:

First city I got to in the U.S. and I might say my second favourite if not my favourite… I know! Something about this city is just cool I don’t know. I liked a lot its Englishy architecture, walking through the freedom trail and admiring its skyline on the opposite side of Charles river. (More photos here)

Boston – Freedom trail

Portland, Maine

Yes visiting Portland was not part of my plans since I said I was going from Boston south right? Well, first change of plans. Actually, one of my old friends lives in Portland so once I told her I was in Boston she told me she can come then we can visit Bonston downtown then head to Portland for a nice concert and I can visit her city!!!

This city has left a really nice memory. I had the chance to do a lot of things for the first time such as going with my friend (for the first time) to a concert in the US, going to an American supermarket (everything time 2), swiming on the other side of the Atlantic and having an amazing (yet good priced) lobster!!!!!

Portland- First time trying lobster

New York, New York

The city that needs no introductions!! NYC was really cool!! First, I had the chance to visit an old friend who also lived in Strasbourg and have been my housemate there, so it was fun catching up. Also, I finally visited a lot of places I’ve only seen before in series (Friends, HIMYM etc).

New York – Times square

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Alright, next on my plan -finally- visiting an old friend and philly!!! So it was nice just strolling in the city, going to liberty bell and just try steakcheese!!! For those who don’t know what is it, it’s one of the dishes that philly is well known for. Its made with steak & cheese (obviously) in a nice baguette, sometimes with grilled onions and mushrooms. So if you’re there, try cheesesteak you definitely won’t regret it.

PS: If you’re looking for a little nice addresse you can go to Reading terminal market 😉

Philadelphia – City Hall

Washington, D.C

Visiting once more another old friend, I had also the chance to visit the capital of the U.S and to be honest I had no idea how much cool it is!!! Very nice architecture, free museums, people jogging all the time (and almost everywhere) !!!

(More photos here)

Washington D.C – US Congress

Orlando, Florida

Next on the plan, the sunshine state!!! For those who don’t know my brother lives in Orlando so it was so much fun having some family time and visit the Walt Disney parks!!

Orlando – Downtown

Miami, Florida

Who never dreamt of going to Miami!!!! Definitely everyone did !!! This city is really awesome, but get ready to pay because everything is quite expensive. Good thing is this won’t stop you from enjoying a great time, the beaches are sublime and the cuban cultural influence is present everywhere.

Miami – Skyline

Key West, Florida

On the southernmost city in the contiguous United States lies Key west!!! To be honest I didn’t know much about it I had only a few recommendations and when I got there I wouldn’t describe how much impressed I was!!! First thing, in this city you can actually walk!!!! whaaat !!! Yes, basically there’s only a few cities in the US where you can walk and visit the city. So that was awesome!!!

Key west – Beach sunset 

New Orleans, Louisiana

Most French city I’ve been in the whole US!!! If you love culture you will definitely love this city!!! Whether its Music, Cuisine, History this city will amaze you!!! Also the cost of life is kinda ridiculous… (which is great when you’re a traveler!!!) so it was nice discovering a lot of things and trying new foods and local cocktails without worrying about the bill!!

New Orleans – St. Louis Cathedral

Houston, Texas

Houston, the eagle has landed!!! Alright, once more one of my old friends lives in a city I’m visiting so I had to chance hang out with her and discover this wonderful city!!! Skyscrappers were impressive and the city looked very modern and clean, but what I’ve loved so much about this city was Space Center Houston!!! What is it? Well it’s the command board where communications were made with mission Apollo 11 when they land on the moon!!! If you’re around Houston, I highly recommend that you go visit it, definitely worth spending the day in it !!!

Houston – Skyline

Los Angeles, California

Californiaaaaa!!!!! Where would I start!!! Ten years ago I wouldn’t even imagine I’ll step foot in Cali!!! 5 hours in the air and Booom!!! I was there, to be honest my favourite part was kind of a classic… Just going to Venice beach, head for a swim then have a nice jog along the beach!!! There was photos where my eyes are just exploding with happiness 😀

Los Angeles – Holywood sign

San Diego, California

Keeping the same state of mind (visiting f***ing everything!!) one of my old friends (back to middle school in Morocco) suggested spending a day in San Diego. My answer was of course, hell yeah!!! Frankly I haven’t heard much about this city and to be honest I was very impressed!! San Diego is very nice, very clean and there’s a lot to see!!!! I’m wondering how is it possible that it’s not very famous and known to the public. Anyway, if you’re around I highly recommend everyone to visit it!!! it worth it!!!!

San Diego – Skyline

I hope you liked this little article about the first part of my roadtrip in the US!!!

See you on my next article where I will talk about my roadtrip in a Van From Los Angeles to Seattle through Grand Canyon, Rocky mountains and Yellowstone national park 😉

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