7 things to know about living in San Francisco, CA 🇺🇸

#1 Local culture

For having traveled a bit in the US last summer, I can tell that San Francisco is really different from the rest of California and even the rest of the US. San Franciscans are probably the most non-judgmental, open-minded people you’ll ever see. They are very active, really into healthy food, and have a green overall lifestyle. Locals are also very warm and friendly which can be a little bit new (in a good way) for someone accustomed to European culture.

#2 Bring your check book!

One of the first things that struck me when I first arrived to San Francisco was the cost of living. I mean we all have heard people say, “Oh it can’t be that expensive!!”. Well, it can!! Being here last summer as a tourist, I didn’t feel it much, but on the day to day expenses sometimes you just say, “whoa!!”.

As you know, with the emerge of high-tech companies in the bay area through the years demand on real estate and basically everything just went sky high 🙄

#3 Activities

This was one of the greatest things I discovered about this city last summer. Whether it is festivals, concerts, art exhibitions or just random cool cultural events it’s amazing how frequent they are in this city. Plus, this is a great way to get out of your small room/apartment have fun and meet people. 😉

Pro Tip: There’s a lot of websites/apps where you can check what’s going on, here are my favourites : Thrillist, FunCheap, Eventbrite.

#4 Rich/Poor Contrast

This is maybe a side of San Francisco that people might not mention very often. Whilst some parts of the city (market street and SoMa) are filled up with startups and fancy shops and multi-billion companies neighboring areas have a really big condensation of homeless people.

#5 Foodie heaven

If you’re a foodie, let me welcome you to heaven!! The variety of food available in this city is stunning!! If you go to a new restaurant every evening, it might take you months and months to eat in all the restaurants of only your neighborhood!!

Pro Tip: If you need recommendations, the best way is to ask a local, or just go head and don’t be afraid of trying new restaurants. You won’t be disappointed 😉

#6 Public transports

This is one of the aspects of living in SF that locals have a love-hate relationship with. While the Bart (underground Metro) is very efficient and fast, taking the bus might take you ages to get from a part of the city to another. The good part is that locals are into way more alternatives such as bikes, electric scooters/skateboards, unicycles or just -as the vast majority- taking an Uber/Lyft.

#7 “Californian” Climate

If as myself you like warm weather, San Francisco is not really the city where it is warm all the time!!! I know, you will say, “Well, it’s California though!”. Yes, but if you want to enjoy the “Californian weather” you might want to escape SF (even for a weekend). The fog that covers the city actually cools it so much it neither gets cold nor hot all year around.

Also, another crazy thing, you can actually feel the weather changing from a neighborhood to an other. It can be windy and cloudy in Financial district, but warm with a clear sky in the Mission!!! 😀

Pro Tip: Be prepared to always have layers with you. A light jacket will always be your best friend in San Francisco.

I hope you liked this little article of my feedback after 3 months living in San Francisco. See you on the next article where I will try to list cool little roadtrips around California 😉

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